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R ethical creates jewellery with the hope that it will become a "piece of hope".

The boundary between the natural and the man-made with regard to the global environment and society.

The many layers of complexity in each person's life.



R Jewels Japan株式会社  Founder & Designer 星まり


R Jewels Japan 株式会社 Founder & Designer

2004年 慶應義塾大学卒 (B.A)
2006年 米国ニューヨーク大学(NYU) 大学院卒 (M.A)
2006年 邦銀入行、スイスプライベート・バンク
2012年 R Jewels Japan株式会社創業

She started to learn about human rights and environmental issues in the jewellery industry by providing social contribution services for wealthy people in Europe. In 2012, she founded R Jewels Japan K.K. to create a sustainable system through business. In 2012, she founded R Jewels Japan Co.

Move to New York, USA in 2020.
Instagram @marihoshi_ny